Learn, Test, Experiment


Welcome to my Sandbox. This is where I try out new processes from courses, experiment or test out new ways of doing things. The state of the page may be a mess but it allows me to trial things without affecting main sites. Work here may (or may not) make its way on to other sites I use.

As this site is a testbed, it may be worth your while to check back regularly.

Current Areas Under Development

I am currently working on the following:

  • using JS to modify DOM elements (adding new ones, changing colour etc)
  • event handlers.

The results of any areas I am evolving will be displayed in the "Work Area" below

Areas of Interest

From the lessons/experiments etc. I am looking at there are a number of areas that I would like to explore:

  • Reading text from a file to populate page sections
  • Reading .CSV files in and populating an array
  • Using an array to build up a table in HTML - DONE
  • "Contact Me" form

Work Area

This should have a list generated from a JS array only when you click this:
    Grid sandbox React test JavaScript
    here i am here i am here i am here i am here i am
    Font SizeA-AA+
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